At Bartley Manufacturing we work hard to ensure that your screw machine needs are met with knowledge and accuracy. Consultation with our engineers prior to part production will give you peace of mind knowing that your design will function both reliably and economically. Quality begins with our initial contact with you and continues when the product arrives at your door. Upon your request, SPC reports (X-bar, R Charts, and histograms) are available with every shipment. With our ISO9001:2000 certification, you can be sure that we will meet your quality standards.

Complete One-Stop Service
We  make screw machine parts in all shapes and sizes - American Standard, Metric or custom. We have multi-spindle Davenports capable of : ID and OD threading, tapping, forming, shaving, drilling, boring, reaming, recessing, boring and milling. A complete range of secondary operations is also available. Our parts are available in brass, copper alloy, steel, stainless steel, and aluminum in round, hex, and extruded shapes. We also provide custom packaging, heat treating and plating. 

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